The Marlin Owners Club is a friendly club where owners of Marlin and Marlin-derived cars can get together, share advice and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals.  To find out more about the club, the cars and the club’s activities please click on the links above. The Marlin Owners Club welcomes contact from anyone who owns, is thinking of owning, or is simply interested in the marque; this include kits and cars made by Marlin Engineering, Marlin Sportscars, Javelin, Aquila and YKC.

The Club’s Website Objectives

  • To promote and encourage the building, restoration, ownership and enjoyment of all Marlin and Marlin-derived kit cars.
  • To provide facilities for the exchange of news and technical information.
  • To develop and encourage dialogue between the members and potential members and
  • To maintain and forge links between the Club and companies manufacturing kits, parts and accessories appropriate to the marque.123