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Thread: Roadster Rebuild Diary from Cornwall

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    Re: Roadster Rebuild Diary from Cornwall

    Quote Originally Posted by meverett View Post
    Thanks Paul, do you think my reverse gear and idler have a few more miles left in them? The wear is only on a few teeth and only on the edges so teeth are still there. Cheers,
    That’s the million dollar question. I can’t possibly say from just looking at the photo. As said it looks as though someone has tried to ram it into reverse while travelling forward. Could reverse be confused with 5th in a momentary lapse of reason?

    Looking at the photo the wear seems to indicate that the damaged parts of the teeth are not in contact when the reverse is fully engaged so it would probably outlast the car. But if it doesn’t it is quite a faff to replace and it could damage the rest of the gearbox. It also looks as though it could impede engagement.

    As a cautious chap I would tend to replace it and set my mind at rest.

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    Re: Roadster Rebuild Diary from Cornwall

    Note the 1300 box has a different size clutch splines to the 1800 box on the input shaft.
    Ben Caswell not necessarily the last word on anything here!!


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