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thanks Scott h,
the fuel pressure regulator does indeed maintain the fuel rail pressure at a constant pressure of about 3 bar or 3x14.7psi.
This constant pressure and the length of time the injector is open gives the precise amount of fuel to achieve 15 to1 ratio. The Lambda sensor in the exhaust feeds info back to the ECU which modifies injector opening times to maintain the correct fuel ratio.
All we have to do know is wait for a fuel pump part number.

this may help http://www.fuelpumpsonline.co.uk/syt...019-1930-p.asp
or this http://www.fuelpumpsonline.co.uk/bos...edes-172-p.asp
Bit expensive I prefer my £24 jobby works well and is reasuringly noisy but has a 2 year warranty so I couldnt care less