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Thread: Jrr 929 d

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    Re: Jrr 929 d

    I think its been altered since 2004. I don't think we have any interior pictures.

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    Re: Jrr 929 d

    Quote Originally Posted by b_caswell View Post
    I may revert to a dash mounted switch, unless someone can tell me that the Spitfire overdrive gearstick will swap with this Vitesse one as the Spit stick is drilled for the wires I believe. But then I think I recall back in the day that these used to wear through the insulation and short out as well.

    Unless you can find a spitfire/GT6 gear stick from an early 3 rail box!! the later single rail gear lever is different.
    You could try using some shrink wrap over the existing cables they also wear on the entry hole into the stick as well.
    Is this, on eBay, the correct stick Ben?
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