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Thread: Tony Jones

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    Tony Jones

    Seasons Greatings to all and a happy new year.
    I am in need of a weber carb to fit onto my 1.6 pinto for my Berli reg Q134WET.I believe the 32/36 is the carb to go for.Any help or info would be of great help.Obviously i'm happy to pay a reasonable price for the right part.

    Phone 01440 707229 leave a message if im not in or 07743105318 Tony.
    Thanks to all.

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    Re: Tony Jones

    If you can afford it I would go for a new one.
    Mk2 SWB Marina Roadster with a 2.0L Pinto built in 1986

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    Re: Tony Jones

    Saturday Morning, 30.12.17. Hello Tony! I've texted you as well to flag this up, and it may of course be of absolutely no interest whatever....however: I have a "Brand New In Box" Nikki carburettor complete with a Pinto manifold fitting kit originally offered by and bought from Europa Specialist Spares (I still have the receipt). I bought it in the early 90's as a spare for either the Mk4 Cortina Estate or the Spartan Roadster I owned at the time, but it was never needed. I bought a selection of replacement jets to suit a 1600CVH engine fitted to one of my Quantum saloons, but never fitted it as too much messing about was needed and earlier this year I dug it out of storage in my garage to see about fitting it to the 8v DOHC engine I have in my Cabrio...but the fitting kit doesn't match the DOHC manifold so I bought a new Weber instead from a company in South Wales.
    Upside: it's an as new ("new old stock", if you like) twin choke carburettor, the primary operated by cable, as you would expect, and the secondary operated by vacuum. This gives equivalent to Weber performance with improved economy. It's still boxed, with a Pinto fitting kit, complete with jets and new choke cable if required. There are two adjustments only, mixture and slow running...and there's a manual choke. I carried out the conversion to both my Spartan (Pinto 2 litre) and my Cortina (Pinto 2 litre)....the only improvisation required was to make up a bracket to ease the push pull on the choke cable....I use a 4" length of dexion shelving corner, cut with an angle grinder, a hacksaw and tidied with a file. Downside: It's not the Weber you were looking's currently jetted for the 2 litre engine (although I'm offering my selection of jets in the package) and I'm not of course giving it away....with the expenses on the Cabrio this year I can't afford to. I would be hoping to sell this on for about £150, which covers the initial purchase from Europa, + the jets, choke cable etc.....and we'd need to discuss P and P / Delivery or collection.
    Let me know what you think. You can pm me here, or reply to my text!


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