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Thread: roadster hood swb

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    Re: roadster hood swb

    Hi Phil

    What make of sailmakers tape would you recommend as there are so many.


    Quote Originally Posted by phil.coyle View Post
    Forgot to mention about sailmakers tape, widths from 12mm and upwards, stickier than a sticky thing and useful for assembling pieces together before stitching.
    For lift dot fasteners have a look at Chandlers and all Marine related fasteners, usually the best suppliers for stainless fittings, and if you want I can give you a method to perfect an oval for a rear window.

    Warning about sail makers tape, if it sticks to itself, that's it use a new piece and only cut it off the roll, believe me its amazing.


    I used Pvc, I don't have any photos as I moved a year ago from Droitwich to Prestatyn and a lot of my (not needed at the moment) resides in a container but ONE DAY.

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    Re: roadster hood swb

    Good stuff, but can be tricky to sew through in some cases as adhesive builds up on needle. I've used various luff and spinnaker repair tapes when dinghy sailing, bought from chandlers.
    Probably Bainbridge international or 3M stuff , can't remember exactly

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    Re: roadster hood swb

    All good advice and thanks.
    My shopping list is getting longer.
    Cheers, Martin.
    1275 Marina/Ital based LWB Roadster in the process of a ground up rebuild.

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    Re: roadster hood swb

    The sail tape I used was double-sided 12mm and I used it just to do a dummy run before final stitching.
    As Dogoncrazy says the tape is not good to sew through as thread and glue are not a good combination, so after taping the seams with the doublesided tape, clamp the seams together with bulldog clips or the smallest clamps you can find and remove the tape as you move along the seam, just don't fit it altogether at once unless you are part octopus.

    I had dark brown hair when I made mine, now I'm getting ready for my once a year job at the local department store, ho, ho,ho.


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