Hope you all have had a good Christmas as of the tread title I am looking at changing my front shocks on my cortina based Berly probably to some adjustable gaz ones but before I do so I have a few questions.
From looking on eBay I see spax do a shorter shock is this something I should look at as the berly is lowered?
Has any one fitted adjustable coil overs as I feel the front of my car is a little to high compared to back, yes I do realise I could cut the springs to get the right height and the springs on the car may already be cut to have lowered it but I am not keen on doing this. Adjustable coil overs appeal because you can fine tune the height to where you want it but the top and bottom mounts would need strengthening.
At the moment I am leaning towards buying some adjustable gaz shocks and cutting the springs to the desired height test drive it to see what I think and then get some new springs made to the correct height and spring rate.
Any advice or any info of anyone who has fitted coil overs would be appreciated.
Happy New year Angus