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amalgamated users from prior forum
27-08-2009, 12:11 PM
Message originally posted by: Mark Green
An open invite to all kit car owners to join in a run + meet with a difference. 4 start points all heading to 1 venue - Bentley Wildfowl / Motor Museum near Lewes in Sussex.


Aside from the obvious excuse to get your pride and joy out on the road there were 2 other thoughts to the run. Aside from traditional, it car shows there are no kit car meetings that cater for all marques, Detling was a long time ago, so it made sense to try and bring various marques together as summer draws towards a close.

Secondly, it seemed to me that there are perhaps a number of owners of cars who aren't able to attend regular meetings/runs: perhaps their marque is not well represented where they live or indeed have yet to find other owners irrespective of marque in their locality.

This meet/run is an opportunity to hopefully see some old faces and equally meet some like minded folks who may in reality live quite close - car buddies for the future. So far as a result of putting this together I've already been able to put 3 people in contact with each other - each live no more than 5-6 miles from each other + yet didn't know of the others existence!

The invite has already gone to various kit car clubs and owners clubs - so far I've had about 50 positive replies, obviously we'll see what final numbers are like once we have an idea on the weather!

At the venue you'll be able to park on a lawned area next to the main house - all runners are aiming to get there for 11.00, Bentley charge 5pp entry.

The start points are:

Seveoaks, Newlands corner (near Shere/Guildford)

Obviously some owners may still be too far from those places - in which case they are welcome to make their own way to Bentley - car clubs are also welcome to do that if they prefer.

The 'runs' will be convoy style, no mad driving, just a nice run down there. I'm happy to answer any questions via email, and would ask that if anyone is interested that they let me know by email (and let me know also which area they are based in ). I am sorry that I haven't given more notice, due to the fragmented nature of the owners clubs it has been a struggle to reach everyone!