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02-09-2012, 11:59 AM
Hi All
Ive registered here to ask some Q's about Marlins,and find out about them generally.. Im seriously thinking I need one in my life(but I dont know whether my missus does!!)
Ive been building/ modding/customising vehicles for 40 plus years. My last kit was a Dutton Sierra,and prior to that a Locost.Didnt actually build them,but completely re built them! Other stuff over the years includes several Anglias/Cortinas/campervans and a 6 wheel (stretched) Toyota van with mid mount V8,and the list goes on. Anyways ,as I said Im now looking at a Marlin and would prefer to get a on the road and correctly reg'd one as TBH I cant be doing with complete builds anymore,having recently spent 3 yrs scratch building a Trike which I got msva'd at beginning of this year and is my current (and only)form of transport.

Regards ...................

04-09-2012, 06:53 PM
Hi Radso
There are often Roadsters for sale on Ebay. If you want a bit more comfort Berlinettas and Cabrios cost more. They have the added comfort of wind up windows which appeal to ladies. Sidescreens are alright on a Roadster but when its raining and everything steams up not so good. We used to go everywhere topless but the weather seems worse these days or we are getting nesh!
Not sure where you are but try sitting in all models before you buy one. There are short and long wheel base Roadsters. LWB are preferable for anyone over 6'
Hope this helps