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  1. Re: Marina based Roadster Lower Trunion grease cover gaiter

    Thanks Jon , I had googled that part number but got no results, however your link works fine.

    So am I correct in thinking they were also used on an early Land rover?

    Further research reveals...
  2. Re: Newfold farm camping weekend 11th - 12th june 2022

    I agree with Alans advice to use Allen key Bolts and also some blue threadlock. The MK1 & MK2 Ford Granada's had this set up. I do recall the bolts coming loose on our family car and the Ford...
  3. Marina based Roadster Lower Trunion grease cover gaiter

    Hi All.
    Does anyone know the part number or where I can buy a replacement for the lower front suspension Trunion please, as mine has a tear in it?

    I did access the BL Fisch but it would appear...
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    Re: Another quirky electrical question

    Hi Bill
    When you get fast flashing of the indicators it is usually because some of the bulbs aren't illuminating. The usual cause is as you suspect a bad earth.
    With the fuse blowing that suggests...
  5. Thread: Ping!

    by Ye Ol Ripper

    Re: Ping!

    Hi Chris . I know you have ordered some replacements. However it would also be useful to have some spare cups & springs . With that in mind, have you tried using a magnet to check through next doors...
  6. Re: Some nice videos of an early Roaster.

    The rules used to be all cars used on the road had to have them after jan 1965.
  7. Re: Some nice videos of an early Roaster.

    Any idea why the driver isn't wearing a seatbelt out on the road?
    Both battery positive & negative leads appear too close together, surely a fire waiting to happen!
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    Re: Larger disc brakes

    I am guessing that the brake set up will be adequate because your car weighs less than the Cortina. If you haven't had any brake fade, have you looked at the possibility of trying a larger servo and...
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    Re: Larger disc brakes

    1) Which model Marlin do you have is it a Roadster, YKC,Hunter or Cabriolet, as I cannot see any mention of this?

    2) What's the approx BHP of your engine , is it a standard spec Pinto?

  10. Re: Marlin Roadster marina ital 1750 ALTERNATOR

    Have you tried removing the alternator , putting in a vice that grips the pulley and checking that the nut hasn't worked loose?

    Failing that if the bearing has gone, then you could pull it apart...
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    Re: E5 Petrol: Buying for the future

    I think the English translation is:
    The lead substitute is not lead. I gladly use Win in my pinto 2L of 1986.
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    Re: Non-starting problem

    On the Pinto Engine , the cams timing mark is iirc at 6 oclock and is within a gap on the pulley that forms a point. That then aligns with a dot in the head. That is assuming you have a standard cam....
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    Re: Non-starting problem

    I flushed my Roadster out about 8 times with a large bucket under the detached rad & hoses. I then used dishwasher cleaner from Aldi iirc £1.75 for a pack of 2 bottles and just used 1 of them ....
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    Re: Non-starting problem

    Re: Low compression readings on 2 cylinders .

    Before removing the head check that the valve clearances are not set too tight as that would hold the valve open reducing the compression.

    Have you...
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    Re: Non-starting problem

    I have seen similar parts as used in the distributor Accuspark kits on Aliexpress. I think they are all made in China and Accuspark are just adding their name to them.

    It would probably be better...
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    Re: What is this carburetor, I'm lost!

    Once you've checked the base of the Carb for it's "typo", you can either order the gasket from

    Or make your own paper gasket from a...
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    Re: Flexible Brake Hoses

    I replaced mine with standard hoses , I think I used Landrover Defender hoses as they were more readily available and were slightly longer too but importantly had the same thread.

    If you go for...
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    Re: DRL152K Marina based roadster rebuild

    Robin , I think your welding is plenty good enough , the key is getting enough heat and therefore penetration into the joint.

    Overall though your axle casing looks very corroded. I restored mine...
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    Re: Morris Marina Leaf Spring Shackle Pin

    In addition to the above , never compared but check out Escort MK2, Ford Capri rear shackles , MGB and also for Triumph Dolomite's.(Moss Europe, Rimmer Bothers , MGB Hive). Any rear spring of the...
  20. Re: Heater blower / fan switch Cabrio wiring

    Hi Bill
    I recommend that you try using a digital multi meter set to the audible buzzer on the ohms range . You should then be able to identify all the pins .
  21. Re: Fuel pump and ignition circuit fuse blowing on mu Cabrio. Help!

    Hi Peter
    Some of the early Ford fuel pumps were prone to failing which is from the same era of the Sierra Pump.

    The main cause was people driving continually low on fuel and particularly this...
  22. Re: Brake Servo failure, Marina based Roadster

    Hi Andre
    Thanks for the clarification ,I now recall your car and also your you tube footage when you first got it :).

    With the engine running and servo hose attached the easiest way to...
  23. Re: Brake Servo failure, Marina based Roadster

    Hi Andre

    From your photos it's not clear how you managed to run the car to establish this problem, as there is no cylinder head fitted to the car?

    1) In the first instance , the rubber where...
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    Re: Stoneleigh 2021

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Adrian .
    Hopefully catch you at Kop Hill
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    Re: Morris Marina Ital 1.7 Distributor

    I's been a while since I worked on that engine, but I think it has a Lucas 45D4 Dizzy.
    If so, a Lucas 45D4? If so you probably will get that part from minispares, the MG owners club , Moss europe...
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