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Thread: Windscreen

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  1. #1 Windscreen 
    Club Member paul's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    I am replacing the windscreen on my Cabrio after a major rebuild.
    I have been quoted a cost of 95.00 for the glass alone from a local supplier.
    Does anyone have any experiences with a different supplier / fitter.
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  2. #2 Re: Windscreen 
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    Nov 2011
    Bakewell Derbyshire
    Hi Paul. 3/4 weeks ago,through trying to drill out pop rivets in the surround on my sportster, I managed to crack the screen.I rang the local depot of a well known country-wide franchise to see if they could fix my problem and duly dropped the screen at their premises.A couple of hours later (lunch time), I got a phone call to say that it would ready for collection by approx 4-30 and the cost would be 93.When I went to collect and asked if they accepted cards or whether a cheque would be ok, the guy said if I paid cash 30 would be fine.I pondered the options for milli-seconds and paid up.He also wrote down a name and contact number, should I know anyone else in the same boat. If you are interested, ring me on 01629813478 and I'll gladly pass on the details.Regards
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    Aug 2015
    Hi Did it have the relevant e marking on it ? If it did may I give you a ring ?
    Kind regards
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    Nov 2011
    A friend of mine here in Derby is rebuilding his Roadster and was in need of a new screen. On contacting a local firm they said no problem , that is until he disclosed that it was for automotive use. He managed to change their mind by accepting a receipt for the glass that stated it was for a canal boat!!!
    He had the foresight many years ago to make a plywood template of the original which proved useful.
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