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Thread: Cabrio swap?

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  1. #1 Cabrio swap? 
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    Nov 2011

    I'm the owner of an early SWB 2.8l Cologne engined Cabrio that I built around 1993. Although its done about 35000 miles, it hasn't moved much in the past couple of years, and is currently SORN.

    The main reason for this sorry state of affairs is that I'm also the proud owner of a two year old daughter called Harriet, and my open topped motoring really needs to be a family affair from now on.

    My partner has vetoed sale of the Cabrio on the grounds that neither of us want a Marlin free garage (in my opinion thats the kind of partner you want!)

    This has prompted two questions.

    First does anyone have experience of using a Berlinetta for small person motoring? Can you fit a modern child seat etc.?

    Second, anyone fancy swapping a Cabrio for a Berlinetta? I'm in Burnley, Lancs if anyone is interested in this proposition.

    best regards,

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    Nov 2011
    If you contact Lee On leezr160(at) or see his details in thge Pitstop. He has a nice Berlinetta with a new rebuilt engine and 5sp box for sale or may well swap.
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    I am in Read and have a Berlinetta sat on the drive if you want to take a look. Not up for swopping but will give you an idea of size, I think 3 would be tight and I have not seen many with rear seat belts.
    Peter 07748 654840
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    Nov 2011
    I might be interested in a swop. My Berlinetta also has a 2.8 cologne fitted. We have fitted a rear seat belt and frequently travel with a 9 year old in the back. I live in Crewe so we are are miles away. give me aring on 01270 661447 Richard
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