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Thread: Pitstop, Feb 2012

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    club member Club Member dcunn's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Hi guys, just picked this thread up. I have already sent Cameron the Pitstop copy and doubtless he will
    upload soon - if not already.

    I'm sorry that it is such a thin issue, but if I don't get the articles to put in it, there is only so much padding
    I can make up

    Without wishing to cause offence, and start another rant I and all the committee members have a life outside
    the MOC and other things to do with our time instead of sitting at a computer waiting for another criticism/request
    for yet another thing to be done.
    ................ In my personal case just lately I've been rather busy dealing with a family bereavement.

    I wonder why it should be expected that things are done immediately ?

    Where's the rush ? Cannot people wait for the volunteers to do things when they can ?

    Edit : The mag goes to the printers, for example Monday Jan 16, they then send me a posted proof copy and after
    I give the OK they set about printing. Meantime Memsec sends printer name/address lists for the posting, and if all
    goes well copies should be in the post around end of month....then you're at the mercy of Royal Mail !
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    Nov 2011
    I had mine weeks ago. I've said this before; there should be an 'opt out' for the hard copy of Pitstop, as mine usually ends up in the bin unread which is rather a waste of the club money. I wonder how many others do the same?
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    club member Club Member stevejgreen's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Somewhere in the world
    I think that the production of Pitstop is a great acheivement especially when our Editor is in a temporary position and the bar has previously been set so high.
    No complaint from me there.
    Its early days and the links between the pre established systems and the new format Website/Forum and the Mem sec, Editor and others need tweaking to work efficiently.

    But its an odd thing, it seems that Pitstops are sent in batches. Mine was franked 14 Feb, well after some had read, or not, and filed or thrown their copy away.

    I am just curious how this can happen and why 600 copies cannot go out, all in one day?

    I used the services of a mailing house. The printers phoned them up the day before they delivered, I sent them the mailing list, and by end of the day they were all enveloped, addressed, stamped, presorted, and collected by Royal Mail to be delivered the following day.

    Whilst I suspect that some would prefer to read online, many would prefer a paper copy. You would still need a copy for formal club announcemets like the AGM agenda, though I wonder why the agendas are not sent seperatly to ensure they arrive one month before as it says in the constitution.

    I think we have bigger fish to fry.................
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