Just found a really useful site about what the E numbers mean...thought I would post the link for those interested.
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One thing concerning me is the requirements for screens. I had a long conversation with the manager of my local autoglass centre who said that they couldnt cut glass anymore! He aslso said that if I supplied a landrover screen that was E marked they still couldnt cut that because the type approval was for a different vehicle.

I did a bit of research to find out what is required. Apparently the minimum requirements of the marking will be as shown in the table below - any other naming or tradenames aren't relevant. For our purposes I think we only need to consider TOUGHENED or LAMINATED screens which will be the first and third markings shown - photos of actual markings are shown in the earlier posts - one is compliant and the other one isn't.

Remember that the E4 referred to in the table below could be E1, E2 etc, and just refers to the country code (E11 is UK). Regulation 43 is the one concerning the standard so I cant see what the autoglass geezer was on about. I believe current landrovers are marked like this...

Hi Laminated
DOT-36AS1 M 90
43 R - 000485