Following the success of the project to import Dual 7" Servo kits and fit them to Sportsters/Cabrios/Hunters I have now placed a further order for 18 more servos for MOC members. If you have not confirmed your interest to join in this last batch there is still time - but only until this Sunday evening, May 13th - for me to amend the order: I have to confirm the final number on Monday 14th.

The cost of the kit will be 115, inc p&p, and includes a Dual 7" servo, adaptor plate, and clevis. You will require your own Ford Brake master cylinder..

Those who have already fitted one of these kits have all had the same response - it has transformed the performance of their cars, and has added greatly to the pleasure of driving their cars knowing they can stop!

If you would like to be added to this final order, please contact me, either through this Forum, or by phone:
Mobile 07968 8three5101.

Those already included are:
David Cinnington
Ian kitchener
Derek Kitchener
John Clemence
Graham Birkdale
David Luck
Clive Mason
John Millington
Peter Lister
Malcolm Platt
Norman Ball
Peter Holmes
Jeremy Ward
Peter Edwards

Many thanks to all above for joining in and making a batch order possible.

Kind regards to all