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Thread: keep and share

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  1. #1 keep and share 
    club member Club Member Gareth's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Just a quick note to all who may have trouble with the keep and share web site that Steve is using to put various documents on. Just follow the instuctions
    and pass on your user name to Steve and he can add that name so you can access the site. The info posted there is very useful. It really
    is that easy. Thanks Steve!

  2. #2 Re: keep and share 
    club member Club Member stevejgreen's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Somewhere in the world
    Not a problem Gareth, only too pleased if my ramblings and archive docs can be of use, that's what they are there for.

    If I could manage an area on this forum, that allows storage of pdf files, then they would all find a place to live on here.
    Sadly that is not about to happen in the forseeable future.

    Meanwhile the process that Gareth has mastered, using is the way things will remain.
    MOC member since 05/97
    1984 Marlin Roadster SWB.
    1800TC, Unleaded ported head, stage 2 cam. Ford Type 9 gearbox, Dolomite Sprint rear axle fitted with MGF disc brakes.
    Three core radiator, Renault Clio vented front discs.
    The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

    Loads of Marlin Reference can be found documents here or there.

  3. #3 Re: keep and share 
    club member Club Member mark westbrookwhite's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Ashwell Hertfordshire
    Steve I would like to add my thanks as well very useful.

  4. #4 Re: keep and share 
    frequent forum contributor
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    Nov 2011
    llandrinio Powys
    Keep and Share is one of several really great repositories for stuff that you wouldnt want clogging up your website - a really good idea - a bit like flikr but for documents. And yes, I agree, Steve is doing stirling work in getting his archive uploaded - since much of his stuff is of interest to others too he is right not to use this forum for all his materials and its very kind of him to share it with us. Access to the huge raft of BL service manuals, brochures, pricelists, advertising stuff etc is free, you can just sign up - you dont get junk mail from it and its quite interesting even if its not your model of car the documents pertain to.

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    frequent forum contributor
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    Mar 2012
    South Lakes - UK
    I have found Steve's stockpile of documents in Keep & Share very handy. Being new to some of this 'old' stuff it's hard to find some of the info in a handy form for example the original Build Manuals and the the original Brochures from the Mk I and Mk II roadsters.

    There is a lot of useful stuff there, I tend to look there if I need Marlin info which I can't find here.

  6. #6 Re: keep and share 
    club member Club Member
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    Nov 2011
    Hi Robert,
    There is a huge wealth of information available within the MOC which we have been sharing for over 20 years, there is technical tips which has been put together from 1980 through all the years of car production. All valuable hands on reports by builders. Modifications, engine gearbox options, faults, including roadster bulkhead problem.
    There are always active members attending Shows and rallys throughout the year always willing to talk/ demonstrate , show first hand what they have carried out on their cars.
    All good stuff all there to share.

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