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Thread: keep and share

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    You cant get away from the fact that you are not posting information here on this web site.

    All the trouble you caused when this site was being developed and now you are intent on turning people away.

    I would suggest thats hypcrosy.

    No doubt you will throw your toys out of the pram and get this thread deleted.


    P.S have you asked whether you can have you Keep and Share Tag at the bottom of you reply page. Looking at the Terms and conditions i think you should have, if not you should remove it now.

    Quote Originally Posted by stevejgreen View Post
    It appears that some people are under the impression that to view my documents on keepandshare, that you have to pay.
    This is not the case.
    There is a requirement to register with keepandshare, currently (the date on this post) the registration page is here
    Keepandshare will send you a confirmation email, these have been known to arrive in peoples spam boxes, follow those instructions. Keepandshare do not generate spam emails.
    There is one last thing. In order for me to understand where your interests lie, and to contact you automatically if I make an edit or share a new document that may be of interest, I require that you become my friend, this also circumnavigates some copyright issues. This feature also limits the amount of unnecessary spam content that I might receive.
    To do this I need to know either the username or email address that you used to register with keepandshare. Once I have this information I usually respond within 24 hrs.
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    llandrinio Powys
    Hi Steve, thanks for the clarification, some people would disagree that K&S is a simple to use system as it takes quite a few minutes to get sorted on it and if you dont visit every few months your account is locked. I would reiterate that if members want to see something on this site then they only have to ask and I will do my best to provide what is needed in our members only section (no additional login required for paid up members - a perk, if you like, of being in the club).

    You do mention copyright issues; copyright remains with the originator of the work so sharing it with 'friends' is just as bad as sharing it with the world in general.
    Normally the individual who authored the work will exclusively own the work and is referred to as the ‘first owner of copyright’ under the 1988 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act. However, if a work is produced as part of someone's job then the first owner will normally be the company who created the work. In our case,copyright of the build manuals resides with Paul Moorhouse or Marlin Sportscars (Terry Matthews), copyright of TechTips and Pitstop resides with our Chairman as the current representative of the MOC - as do the minutes of meeting etc. Just like any other asset, copyright may be transferred or sold by the copyright owner to another party; BL workshop manuals are a case in point though harder to nail down as there is no easily discernible current owner (although I guess it will have passed to China along with other copyright things like marque names etc and trademarks).
    Rights cannot be claimed for any part of a work which is a copy taken from a previous work. So if someone copies part of a manual and publishes it they still dont have copyright on it. Only the owner, or his exclusive licensee can bring proceedings in the courts which is why you (and we) are fairly safe publishing the BL/ triumph whatever manuals as it is highly unlikely anyone would pursue the matter - and it wouldn't be cost effective or in anyone's interest. Hope that helps.

    So, yes please, do keep your "keep and share" archive going but also publish/link directly on here if the thread warrants it for simplicity.
    Best wishes

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    With respect Cameron, and I know you are working on this, there is an apparent disconnect between the MemSec and forum users. It is not unusual to read posts that say "I'm a paid up member, but I can't see the members only section". As far as those MOC particular members go, the MOC system is not always as seamless as we would like.
    I recognise that Keepandshare also has its complications, like closing unused accounts, but they are listed in keepandshare T's and C's, if you took time to read them. Keepandshare do send out alert emails notifying you that your account is about to be closed. If those emails are ignored, sent to a spam box, or sent to an old invalid email, you can hardly blame keepandshare!
    When this new forum was created, lots of posts were carried over from the old forum. Did not some users get pruned then, is it not a normal procedure to prune inactive accounts?
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