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Thread: Soft top front fixings

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    I had time to do some work in the the roof on Saturday, I discovered many things about attaching roof clips

    The shoulder bolts needed modifying to make the threaded part to the shoulder long enough to go well into the nut.

    Shoulder mod01.jpg

    The clips assemblies went on easily, with 2 done the roof was easy to close.... with 4 fitted the shoulder bolts fouled in the screen frame and stuck so I have removed 2 of the pins, I still have 4 clips.


    The clips had to be fine tuned to bring the roof edge in contact with the screen frame all the way along BUT due to the clips being on the inside edge of the screen frame the front of the the roof tilts when toggled up so I will need to thicken up the foam rubber at the front edge to stop ingress of water....


    So the berli is cuddled up in its new waterproof cover until the seal material arrives.
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