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Thread: Roadster rebuild....and more

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  1. #1 Roadster rebuild....and more 
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    Nov 2011
    Early last year I had a thought....'I wonder what happened to the Roadster I built with my stepfather 24 years ago is'. Needless to say just a matter of weeks later the car (DHD484V) had been located, visited and purchased. Although having aged a little in the 12 years since we sold her she had faired well, the interior was still excellent, mechanically she was reasonably OK and the bodywork had some age related stress lines that oil of ulay will sadly be unable to remove (although modern botox may do the trick).

    So what next...well after running her for a few days out last year up and around the peak disctrict she was laid to rest in a storage unit whilst I completed my other projects (Escort XR3i cabriolet and a 3 door Sierra Cosworth) to show standard. During the last 12 months I have been mostly watching ebay for parts and spares; When not engaged in this past-time I have been racking my brains to remember the sources of some of the less common parts used on the car whan first built (mainly brightwork and lighting related).

    So I am now nearing the time to start on the rebuild and my loft/garage are the homes to:
    New Brightwork: (Marlin badge, Morgan wing mirrors and fuel cap, wipers and blades, bonnet catches, union flags, door handles, headlight bar and cibie lights)
    Body Panels: (Wings, rear arches, clamshell, dash top and inner wings - not all are required but at 200 for loads of Marlin stuff I couldn't say no)
    Other: Radio/CD, front side lights, indicators, fog light, X-flow to type9 clutch kit, rear axle oil seal kit

    Coming Saturday (hopefully) - a fully built car will be arriving, registered as a marlin but never really finished (netiher trimmed nor painted) and having only completed 200 miles - here lay a few choice parts that I will swap with mine to complete the rebuild, then it's potentially on to complete a second Roadster using the ramaining parts for the wife to drive.

    Both mine and the new car are LWB Marina based cars of the same 'vintage' making part swapping more likely

    I'll keep you all posted
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    Nov 2011
    llandrinio Powys
    brilliant! thanks Jonathan - keep us posted with pics as the rebuild progresses?
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    Club Member mark westbrookwhite's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Ashwell Hertfordshire
    Hi Jonathan any chance of pictures as you go on with the build I find them fascinating and informative as I am sure others do, I only wish I had taken more of mine in the early stages!
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    May 2012

    I strongly suspect your new addition is the one I was eyeing up. An unfortunately timed (but amazing) trip to France over the weekend just gone and it's no longer for sale. Matches your description entirely...

    If you decide not to complete it, please let me know!
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