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Thread: Berlinetta build and restoration

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  1. #281 Re: Berlinetta build and restoration 
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    Nov 2011
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    Good progress, and a good effort. I too tried to get JRR there but too many 'potential major' issue to risk the run up there.
    - 9th Custodian of JRR 929D, the Triumph Vitesse based special Paul Moorehouse built prior to the Triumph based Roadster kits.
    - 8th owner of Roadster chassis number 2395. Kit manufactured 1983, first registered in 1987. Now owned by Barry!
    - Builder of chassis number 2325 (PKK 989M) in the mid 80's. Now owned by Eric & Lynne in the NE of England.
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  2. #282 Re: Berlinetta build and restoration 
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    Nov 2011
    I took a snapshot of my Cabrio’s recent test. Similar results to yours. I’m not exactly sure what the various numbers are. It gives two weights for each wheel and two overall weights. I assume the two kgf measurements for each wheel relate to toe in/out the third on the rear being the handbrake.

    With the rear mounted trunk fully laden, a full tank and two plump passengers Millie’s handling is not as good as usual.

    Sorry you can’t bring your car to Stoneleigh but hope to see you there.

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  3. #283 Re: Berlinetta build and restoration 
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    I assumed that the Marlin would be slightly heavier at the front, never having seen it weighed before.

    The last couple of weeks has been like a scene from so many car restoration tv shows, where they always seem to have a deadline to meet. Where is Edd China when you need him?
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