Message originally posted by: Sue Roedel (Editor, MOC)
Don Burt has now retired and the two car ranges have been sold on and Don has sold the building. So what happens now?

Aquila Sports Cars Limited ( have bought the traditional range and will work from a Middlesex Sales Office with a Production Unit in Rainham, Essex. They have purchased the rights to the designs, the jigs for the Roadster, Romero and Julietta together with the moulds for these cars and the moulds for the Berlinetta.

Aquila will continue to support parts for the Roadster, Romero and Julietta, however their support for the Berlinetta will only be for GRP mouldings, replacement hoods and all glass components, windscreens, door glasses and hard top rear windows.

Aquila is owned by Milan Mladenovic and he can be contacted on 01895 274484.

Don Says..
"It is with a certain amount of sadness that I retire having been involved within the Kit Industry for over 20 years and with YKC for over 13 years. All of which I have enjoyed, particularly meeting owners and prospective owners who are a lovely bunch of people.

I hope to keep in touch with the industry and will almost certainly be seen at the major Kit Car Shows.

So a final thank you to you all for giving me a great deal of pleasure over the last 20 years."

Ps. If you have a problem, or need advice, you can still get Don by email don.ykc(at) or by telephone 01977 612258.