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Thread: Triumph exhaust

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  1. #1 Triumph exhaust 
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    I would really appreciate if anybody with a Triumph based roadster with rear exit exhaust could post a picture or two, my GT6 based roadster has the silencers hanging under the drivers running board which i'm not so keen on. My worry is ground clearance getting under / over the diff.

    Many Thanks
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    Sorry, can't help with the pics for a triumph but in case it is relevant Mick from Torque Technique near Salisbury (down the road from you?) replaced the rear exit system on my Marina roadster. It was a few years ago but I think cost was a few hundred which I felt was decent for a one-off custom stainless job with 2-into-1, pipes, fittings and backbox. He did a good job tuning the sound as well - quiet but rumbly, much better than the old system.

    Edit - forgot the link:
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