My Cabrio windscreen recently developed a small crack from the bottom on the passenger side. After checking with the MoT station I was assured it would be a fail, so I'd have to get it fixed. My insurance had windscreen cover (xs 90), and the broker (M R Bloor) gave me the number to call to get it fixed. I eventually got put through to Auto Windscreens who took all the details. Then I got a call back from the fitter to say that they were unable to cut laminated glass, or fit non-standard screens. Fat lot of use! I think the same problem would be encountered with National Windscreens or any of the other big boys.

I eventually found a company who knew what was needed and came to my house, cut out the old screen, primed the rust spot that had caused the crack, and cut and fitted the new screen, all in an hour and a half. And all for 120 + vat! Not worth going through the insurance in view of the excess. They can also do toughened glass (side windows) to order - it needs heat treating, so can't be done on the spot. Anyone else with glass problems should find them helpful.

They are based in Halifax, but if you are too far from them, they can put you in touch with someone more local. Call Specialist Glazing Services (Halifax) Ltd (aka Halifax Windscreens) on 01422 361063.