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Thread: Roadster for sale

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    Roadster for sale

    Hi all, new to the forum so I hope this is going up in the right place.

    Looking to sell a Triumph Vitesse based Roadster, based in Sheffield, which is sadly being sold due to death in the family. However not being the owner of the car means I wont be as technical as most of you on here! I will try to answer any questions and provide as much info as possible.

    It is based on a Vitesse which was first registered in 1967 with a 2L straight six engine, and the delivery of the kit was taken in January 1982 (believed to be chassis no 1186). We have a whole heap of documents to do with the Roadster including MOT's, parts bought, insurance etc. We also have a V5C form which confirms the car is registered as a Marlin Roadster and not a Triumph Vitesse, as well as other paper work to confirm this from the DVLA including the original amendment letter.

    Onto the car, given the aforementioned circumstances the car has not been on the road for 3-4 years now, however it does run. The paint work is a little worn in places and there is one very minor crack to the body in the rear right wheel arch. The gearbox is also a little sticky, probably due to it being sat in storage. I'd probably see this as a nice little project for someone, as with a little bit of time and care this could be back on the road no problem as it was a good runner before, the mileage should stand just short of 80,000.

    If you would like anymore info please email me at: and I will try to answer any questions as best as possible, or even if you would like to arrange to come and view the car.

    Marlin 1.jpg Marlin 2.jpg Marlin 3.jpg Marlin 4.jpg Marlin 5.jpg
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