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Thread: Shepton Mallet Restoration Show, Sat/Sun

  1. #1 Shepton Mallet Restoration Show, Sat/Sun 
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    I took my Hunter to the Shepton Show on my local Kit Car stand both days. A very good show, lots of visitors and a load of people saying "I went to the factory and always wanted to build a Marlin" or "I love the shape and appeal of a Marlin, it looks like a proper car", or " I had a Roadster/Berlinetta but I am too old for one now". "I met you last year/two years ago" or "I met you at the Exeter run a couple of months ago".
    It was nice to see some people for the S.W.Meet meeting over a chat and a pint. Peter and John, Danny and his friend Chris Day and Peter House. A very cold trip up before 8am well wrapped up, but having to wear sun glasses as I was driving towards the East. Rain later on the way home but still a good weekend. David.
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    Indeed good to meet up with familiar faces again. The weather did its usual nosedive for Shepton Mallet. I had a very chilly but sunny drive up from Exeter top down but chickened out on the way home with the hood up. Just as well as it was raining on and off. John brought his very tidy white MX5 and found a kindred spirit next to him in the car park.

    So whose was the Red roadster in the car park? Peter.

    Hunter MX5 Shepton Mallet 2016.jpg

    MX5 Kindred Spirit.jpg

    Roadster Shepton Mallet Nov 2016.jpg
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