Success eventually today! Door card off, switch cleaner in connectors window still not working.

Tried Chrisís idea of giving the window a push whilst operating the switch. Still not working.

In desperation and applying Chrisís theory in extreme, while operating the switch I gave the end of the toothed quadrant a sharp whack with a hammer! Result! The window now goes up and down perfectly.

So while the door card was off, for good measure, I sprayed silicone on the felt channels and sprayed GT85 on the quadrant teeth and everything else that moves on the mechanism. The white grease on the channels was ok from last time.

Long term I guess the motor needs to come out and be stripped down for cleaning and oiling, but will see how it behaves for a while. I donít fancy the hassle of drilling out all the rivets that hold the assembly in the door unless I am really forced to. Peter.