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Thread: Roadster Rebuild Diary from Cornwall

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  1. #1 Roadster Rebuild Diary from Cornwall 
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    Hi everyone,
    Thought I had better start on my rebuild diary as my roadster has been stripped to the bare chassis, wire brushed with angle grinder then a couple of coats of primer so far.


    Ready for top coat.


    I had an old barrel hanging around so thought that would make a good sand blasting cabinet, with a few bits removed from the skips at work, a pair of cabinet gloves purchased from eBay and I have my own cabinet.


    In the mean time I have stripped the front suspension down and sandblasted the paint and rust off before primer and topcoat.


    I started a thread a couple of weeks ago about a replacement master cylinder and servo but after a bit of TLC my original Marina/Ital one will be OK, looking through the vacuum hole the diaphragm looks to be in good condition. The master cylinder has had the same treatment with a new set of seals ready to fit. Before anyone asks, no I didn't sand blast the servo, I plugged up all the holes and wire brushed it.

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