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Thread: Project Binky

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    Re: Project Binky

    If you want to know how to cut metal with scissors, subscribe to This Old Tony on YouTube.
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    Re: Project Binky

    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
    I really enjoy this series, the machining that went into that alternator/aircon compressor relocation is fantasic.
    Did look amazing, certainly some skills there, but as a retired rally'ist I'd be slightly worried about that flexible drive flappy around especially if they are taking it rallying or off road.
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    Re: Project Binky

    The thing I like about this program is that they do make everything themselves. It is such a contrast to American programs, where stock parts are basically bolted together. If you canít wait for the next episode of project Binky you might like this Australian Mini conversion. It has elements of both off the shelf and bespoke parts.

    It is five episodes long. It has really annoying ad breaks and some annoying music. On the plus side it does get finished. I enjoyed watching it even if itís not as interesting as Binky.

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    Re: Project Binky

    The MCM guys are awesome, be sure to check out their second channel too - the Skid Factory series is focuses on modification and fab work.

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    Re: Project Binky

    A gift from the Project Binky team for the New Year:

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    Re: Project Binky

    Episode 22 now available.
    1275 Marina/Ital based LWB Roadster in the process of a ground up rebuild.

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