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Thread: Marlin member contact service

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    Quote Originally Posted by meverett View Post
    Thanks Paul,
    Already made contact with 3 other members this evening.
    How can I contact Geoff (user name for pm) for other members?
    29 other members from down here, wow, I didnít realize there were that many.
    Thanks for your hard work putting this together for the club.
    All the best, Cheers, Martin.
    Hi Martin,
    Thatís great news Ė I was surprised by the number of members in your locality. I hope you all get together soon. I know there is a well established SW meeting. Details here:
    Maybe you could do something in conjunction.

    Geoff is our esteemed magazine editor and currently our chairman. He can be contacted as shown in Pitstop, on this website through the contact us page or via a private message. Private messages can be found near the top of this page under the classified ads button.
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    Nov 2016
    Iíve got to admit I have been a little disappointed in the take up of this service. Just two members so far. It took quite a while to set thing up but now its set up itís reasonably easy to use. So if you are considering setting up a meeting please send me, by email or pm, the contact details you would like to pass on and I will pass them on.

    A slight aside the number of members outside of the UK is growing each year. Our esteemed membership secretary noticed our two Canadian members were fairly close and suggested to one that that we pass on his details to the other. I believe they have since made contact and met somewhere close to each.

    The club is all about meeting like minded people in real or virtual space. If members outside of the UK would like me to pass on their contact information to others within their country or in a neighbouring country I would be happy to do so.

    The distances may be prohibitive but those members may have information that is only of interest to folks within that country and which they do not want to share in a public forum.

    Country Members
    United Kingdom 453
    Germany 6
    France 5
    Ireland 3
    Australia 3
    Switzerland 2
    United States 2
    Canada 2
    Netherlands 2
    Sweden 2
    Spain 2
    Austria 1
    Isle of Man 1
    Poland 1
    Italy 1
    Hungary 1
    Croatia (Hrvatska) 1

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