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Thread: What Wheels?

  1. #1 What Wheels? 
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    Hi folks,

    I'm making good progress with my A series Roadster, finally sorted the very lean SU after studying SU needle books, charts and wonderful programs on the Web that I couldn't use. Finally contacted the SU Guru at Minispares and he gave me a couple of options. Going with his "hunch". It was an original 77 Waxstat job with a standard ADG needle. Changed this to the recommended one and Robert is indeed your Auntie and off it went. Instant starting, faultless mid range and after setting up the Jet height, it idles well.

    New gearbox is in and I think its now as good as its going to get. At least it doesn't need the gear lever to be held in reverse any more and 1st is "bang" free!

    Next thing is what to do about the wheels. I have original "Comics" fitted which are well tatty and require a refurb. There are a couple of good recommended refurbishers up here in North Aberdeenshire and it will work out at around 50 per wheel. The wheels are shod with 13" rubber at 165 X 13 etc. Standard Goodyears and almost worn out.

    Can any of you advise whether it may be a good idea to purchase some new wheels? I notice Minilites are available at around 80 and I thought that seen as I need new rubber would it be an ice to go for 14 or 15 inch wheels? Bearing in mind I'm on the standard gearing and 60 mph has the wee motor revving hard, would a change of wheel size help out bearing in mind mudguard clearance etc. What set up have you found to work well or be the best compromise?


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    This has be discussed many times on the forum. Using the search function will find dozens of comments.

    My personal opinion, evidenced by the generally accepted low tyre pressures recommended for a Roadster, is that much of the comfort and handling is obtained due to sidewall deflection, rather than spring or shock absorber rating.
    In a standard Marina, the engine is mounted in front of the steering rack, a Roadster behind so the torsion bars and under a completely different loading, so changing to a tyre with less sidewall results in a much harder ride, fine if that is what you are aiming for or happy with.

    So far as tyre sizes go the problem is the front upright clearance. The standard offset is 1/2 which allows for a 185 tyre, but there are variations between manufacturers that get very close to the steering arm swivel.

    The choice of wheels is limited to the smaller Triumph range with the same PCD and an MGF and a very few others, but take care of the offsets.

    I would not recommend spacers, they must be hubcentric and the standard studs are a very small diameter so would need changing to suit modern 12mm studs to cope with the additional forces.

    MGF spacesavers have been used for the retro look, but again the studs should ideally be changed.
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    imho the cosmics look great and I would refurb them. Ask around for costs from media blasting companies (cash is king) - the guy I use is a monumental stonemason and knows what he is doing. Then a rattle can finish will do if cash is tight.
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