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Thread: Fuel Injected Engine suggestions?

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  1. #11 Re: Fuel Injected Engine suggestions? 
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    Nov 2011
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    Hi, a few years ago I sent off my "205" block Sierra Pinto to Vulcan. They refurbished it, bored it to 2.1 Litres reworked the head and produced a nice flexible powerful engine. I mated this to the standard Ford/ Bosch EFi system. Fitted an adjustable fuel pressure regulator, uprated fuel and oil pump, replaced all sensors and tweaked the AMM. I have a very reliable (so far) engine that has covered thousands of gruelling long distance endurance runs in the UK and Europe. Mated with a T9 gearbox cruising is just dandy. It will be the easiest option for you. good luck with the project.
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  2. #12 Re: Fuel Injected Engine suggestions? 
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    Twenty years ago I decided I wanted an efi GLS Sierra so that I could have disk brakes all round. I went to auctions that specialised in selling written off cars looking to buy a car that had had a side impact shunt so there was every chance all the mechanicals we free of damage. After 3 auctions there was the car I wanted. It cost me 600. I labelled every thing and extracted the whole loom. I put a new tarp on the living room floor (very understanding wife ) and carefully took out all the stuff I didn't want. I sold the bits of the car that I didn't need to a scrap dealership for a 200 credit note. I put it all in the kit and it fired first time because every thing was as it was in the donor Sierra.

    I am sure that approach will still work today with a even more modern car. Food for thought

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    One small word of caution; some modern cars have security systems that are integrated into the engine control systems. Untangling that may be thorny.
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