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Thread: Fuel Tank Sender

  1. #1 Fuel Tank Sender 
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    Nov 2016
    Just got myself a nice little Hunter for the summer (the Berli is a long term project) and I believe that I need to change the fuel tank sender. Will check that it's not the wiring first BUT what sender should I buy? Believe it is off a Sierra, but what model. Thanks
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    Nov 2011
    The Hunter was fitted with after market petrol sender matched to the instrument. Remove it first and take a look and test it. The instruments were a Stewart Warner product at first and if this is the case then Merlin motorsport on Castle coombe were the supplier at one time. Marlin should be able to confirm this. The running gear etc on a Hunter are Sierra/ Granada etc but the complete wiring loom/ instruments/ senders etc were all custom made and fitted new.
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