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Thread: 'O' series marina attempt at IVA 2

  1. #1 'O' series marina attempt at IVA 2 
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    Update on progress with 'O' engine marlin for IVA attempt

    Strip down of front suspension, remove Hammerite paint from all components as it did not look good in the first place and now looking very aged with many rust spots coming through. This was mostly done before Christmas, the method I used was was paint stripper (barrentine paint panther) painters shave hooks, poundshop path weeder tool and dental hygeine tool (proper dentist tool would have been better) this gets into corners and welds better, round wire brush fitted in a pillar drill and obviously gloves, eye protection.
    The parts were degreased given a coat of paint stripper then put in poly bags with the ends turned over and left for a an hour or two, then scraped with what tool looked best for the job. If needed this was repeated then if any paint remained a session on the pillar drill making sure that edges were not the first part to contact the rotating brush. This process worked very well with the Hammerite paint not quite as well with other paint, more time was needed on the pillar drill. I will post a picture to show the tools used.
    The parts were then painted with a two part black paint from rust buster the one litre kit should do for the chassis and any suspension components. I will let you know how effective it is in about 3-5 years. The paint when mixed goes on like treacle, possibly because I have been doing this in December to the end of February I ended up warming the paint in tubs of hot water before mixing and adding twice the amount of thinner I also had the mixed paint in hot water as well while brush painting, the paint then went on better.

    Sorry pictures came out in reverse order.


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