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Thread: Is this a genuine buyer?

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  1. #21 Re: Is this a genuine buyer? 
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidmartin720 View Post
    I believe a slight confusion has arisen on this thread by there being posts by more than one David.
    I have been a member of the MOC for 8 years and watched a lot of the discussions from running the Club, to sometimes personal rants about what individuals do with their cars, and other matters. My honest thoughts about selling a car to a person from abroad it does not matter, their money is as good as ours. The other way of looking at it is, the wider circle of owners with good experiences of owning a Marlin, the more people will want one. Some car enthusiasts in this country will only buy a particular make, often foreign.
    David's comment about somebody paying thousands of pounds for a vehicle unseen is fair, but when a vehicle is sold via the Internet it is very difficult to view because unless the original advert gives contact details, the site now blocks the passing over of contact details. In my case when the auction finished I was contacted by the buyer saying that owing to the bad weather he would be unable to pick the car up for some time as he was going to drive the car back to Germany, but offered me a substantial deposit. I was not happy to accept a deposit until I knew the car would make the trip [the car was sold as not being on the road for 18 months, and I thought the buyer would trailer the car away]. I changed the oil, oil and petrol filters, petrol, plugs, condenser, coil and several petrol pipes to give myself peace of mind that hopefully there would be no breakdowns. [Most items used were in the spares sold with the car]. Deposit was paid but it was two months from the sale to when the buyer collected the car, and the balance of the purchase price was paid in cash. With hindsight [a wonderful thing] I should have put the car through an MOT and possibly sold it for a higher price.
    I assume the car arrived in Germany as I have heard nothing since. David.
    That sounds like a pretty seamless transaction and particularly honest. I was cautious as a public forum is not the place to air grievances.
    Maybe there was a trailer waiting at Calais. It costs quite a lot to bring an empty trailer accross the channel and return unloaded.

    My advice to any potential Marlin seller who wants to maximise his return, is to meet every DVLA requirements without doubt, to check that all the V5 paperwork is in order, correct vehicle, build date etc, and that as much history as possible is with the vehicle, build date SVA, IVA etc. as appropriate.
    A few spent can make for a much greater return on your investment.

    I see absolutely no problem in exporting a vehicle, rather than thinning out the numbers, it expands the interest, so in my mind should be encouraged.

    I am on the cusp of spending a great deal more on a LHD vehicle, currently in Sheffield. I have booked a return flight, so I will look at the car and paperwork and either I will either drive it back, arrange for transport, or fly straight back to Spain.

    It all seems perfectly ordinary to me, and it should do to others, after all there are already Marlins scattered around the world.
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  2. #22 Re: Is this a genuine buyer? SOLD! 
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    Car sold (deposit paid) to a great guy from Kent so the car is going back to it's home county. He's asked me to post this photo, some of you may recognise the face from Stoneleigh as he's been a member and looking for a car for a while. No doubt he'll introduce himself and his new car shortly.

    Thanks for all the supportive comments on this thread, and the help over the last few years sorting out the various issues it had.

    PS - My membership rolled over so looks like I'll be lurking here for a while longer. When I get the urge for another Marlin it'll be a Sportster, dark green, wire wheels, aero screens and a super charger... :-)
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