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Thread: Ital 1.3 gearbox

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  1. #1 Ital 1.3 gearbox 
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    Feb 2016
    Good afternoon all.

    I am looking for a Morris Ital 1.3 gear box as a replacement, I have a refurb kit so internal condition is not important.

    07791 119710
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    Hi Tony, eBay is your best bet, there has been a couple 1.3 Marina boxes on there recently and cheap. Unfortunately collection only so depending on where you are you could find a bargain.
    Bear in mind that they do differ internally with number of teeth on the reverse gear and idler. I learnt the hard way when rebuilding mine. I had a chewed teeth on mine but eventually built a good one out of 2 with new bearings, seals and gaskets.
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    Take care. Itís the reverse idler that comes in different varieties, but make sure that the lay gear cluster matches.

    its not impossible, just a few hoops to jump through.
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    The Ital gearbox only differed in the size of the teeth in the reverse train. The original box has a design fault; in reverse the idler moves forwards to engage with the teeth on the 1st/2nd synchro spool, but in first the 1st/2nd spool moves back and partially engages with the reverse idler, which is not in engagement with the layshaft reverse gear. This is no problem unless you do it at speed when you start chipping the teeth on the gears, filling the gearbox with bits of metal. So for the Ital BL in their wisdom enlarged the size of the gear teeth in the reverse train, on the synchro spool, the idler and the layshaft, to make them more robust. Everything else remained the same.

    None of this was helped by the fact that the same basic gearbox was used in the Herald, Spitfire, Midget, Toledo and the machine tooling was worn out before the Marina even went into production.

    If you have Ital refurb bits they will only fit an Ital gearbox as the reverse gear is machined as part of the layshaft.
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