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Thread: new member - notts

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcunn View Post
    dugout, do not be totally put off by post #8. There are many cars legally around using their Marina donor car VIN number (your MH4S etc number)

    Please have a look at your chassis as per these pics and see if there is a small plate as may need to scrape the paint off if you
    find it, and then we can identify which kit it is - that will be a start

    Let's do this a step at a time. Do you have any old paperwork with the car ?

    Was anything I wrote factually incorrect? If so, exactly where, given the current information available.

    My intent was to express a word of caution. We have already seen Berlinettas fail the ITV and become garden ornaments. So far as I am aware no Marina based Roadster kit supplied by Marlin themselves has ever passed an IVA test.

    From what I see in the photos, certainly of the tub rim and seatbelt mounts, this vehicle will never pass an IVA without major structural work.

    It might pass an MOT, but with ever tightening legislation, it is perfectly possible that one day it will be rejected with no means of appeal.

    i would not take that risk, you would be reckless to suggest that the risk is not a distinct possibility and not make the new owner aware of the can of worms they have opened.
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    Dugout, we need to talk (and can help you) away from this thread to avoid the negativity.

    Please call or email me personally, my details are in Pitstop

    Rgds Dave Cunnington
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    i have looked in both places and no numbers
    i have found a Vin number plate on the door frame - SABTVR03572223054
    i have been in contact with the guy i bought it off from Oxford and he's gonna look out any info.
    when i bought it he gave me a file of photos of the rebuild.
    It looks like it was an early roadster and the engine has been changed.
    He also had a marlin owners club card & badge + pitstop mag issue 172 oct/nov 2012
    Personally i thick it was built in DVLA tested and given the SABTV vin number.
    When the engine has been changed & rebuit they have reverted to the marina chassis number.IMAG0022.jpgIMAG0024.jpgIMAG0026.jpgPIC-A.jpgPIC-B.jpg
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