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Thread: Triumph special JRR

  1. #1 Triumph special JRR 
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    Nov 2011
    Some of you may know that I bought this car early in the year. It was with a dealer near Brighton and I bought it to save it being lost to the club.
    I am looking for a good home for this car. Built by Paul Moorhouse before Marlin was established. Re commissioned by ex chairman Derek Jones with many, many, new parts. Now on the button. I know I will not get what I paid the dealer for the car, but I would like to see it with an enthusiast, who appreciates the car, and the history. The sale price will be whatever I and the buyer consider fair. The future of the car is more important. This car is what the Marlin mk1 was designed from. So there it is please contact Danny Nelson 07976 836 374 or Available now.
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    Nov 2011
    High Wycombe
    Timing is everything, I had the money, but that dealer didn't reply to my enquiry, now I don't have the money it's up for sale again.

    Hope it's goes somewhere safe.
    - 9th owner of T693 SSC a factory built Ford based V8 Sportster
    - 4th owner of Q309 RNV, an early Cabrio built by Bob Copping, owned Doug & Liz Billings for 16 years
    - 9th Custodian of JRR 929D, Triumph Vitesse based special Paul Moorehouse built prior to the Triumph Roadster kits.
    - 8th owner of Roadster chassis number 2395. Now owned by Barry!
    - Builder of chassis number 2325 (PKK 989M) in the mid 80's. Now owned by Eric & Lynne.
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