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Thread: Thornfalcon Show

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    Thornfalcon Show

    Thornfalcon Show, nr Taunton was last Sunday, a great day out, a Roadster and a Hunter from our local club, plus the Hunter belonging to "Happy Dave" which is for sale, a Mk2 Roadster with an Alfa engine for sale, a Sportster and I believe another Hunter. The sun shone early afternoon and we were rain free for a change. [Last year's show was virtually a "Wash out"]. One of our members, Paul Ware has put together a short video with music of a lot of the cars, well worth watching I think. David.

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    Re: Thornfalcon Show

    Hi David. Great to see you both if only fleetingly. The weather certainly came through for once.
    I particularly like 4 minutes 18 seconds...! But perhaps Iím biased.

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