Hi my first posting ....joined MOC few months ago,

Kit car has been on my bucket list for a while and I decided on the Marlin Sportster however there have been a few things to sort out before buying the kit namely somewhere to put it. Self Build new garage construction started in May and is finally nearing completion (planning conditions meant it had to match the house brickwork /tiles etc if you are wondering about the time its taken me?!)hoping to be done in next few months as I also have the drive to repair as well before I start tinkering in the garage says Mrs B .............but onto the query...........bought a 330i in anticipation to use as a doner in orange(rust) and blue livery and faulty ABS and was considering whether to sort the ABS out while the car is still drive-able before starting the strip down. I wasn't sure if I read somewhere that its not possible to fit ABS in the kit? Also not sure how the electrics transfer to the new fascia display in terms of the BMW warning lamps etc or whether these are disabled or substituted in the main? For reasons of space will probably start the strip down this winter and order the kit for assembly next spring any advice would be welcome on what is worth saving on the doner

Cheers Berry