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Thread: YKC built roadster for sale

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    YKC built roadster for sale

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    Re: YKC built roadster for sale

    Quote Originally Posted by beattock roadster View Post
    And more than a bit on the scruffy side. I'd be interested to see inside the engine bay, judging on how tatty the cockpit is.
    2000 Marlin Cabrio LWB; 2.0 L Burton Pinto in Ford Nightfire Red with Magnolia leather interior.

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    Re: YKC built roadster for sale

    Very surprised at the poor photo's - do they really want to sell it! Whats wrong with a bucket and sponge and a bit of car polish! If it sells at that price it'll make me feel good for the value of mine
    2002 Marina based LWB Roadster with Fiat 2.0 TC engine & box

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    Re: YKC built roadster for sale

    Used to belong to Ian (Emily) who was an active forum member.

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