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Thread: Lights!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpmillington View Post
    Hi, I was feeling a bit frustrated with all of this, especially as earlier on I had been trying to repair my Quad tuner (which Ive had for 35 years or so and which decided to blow up the other day) - replacing capacitors etc to no avail.

    So, I thought Id have a look at the connectors under the apron and the earth before it got dark - guess what? 10 minutes of cleaning/scraping and everything now appears to work fine. All I can say is thanks everyone.

    Now, back to the Quad....
    As the saying goes, many hands make light(s) work! Glad you sorted it. Peter.
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    Not to rub it in , with fiberglas cars ally caravans in fact most auto electric problems check the earth return first. Use a jumper lead from the battery earth to the iffy component, then work back. With caravans especially lighting faults are usually earth faults. Sometimes it is easier to put in a permanent earth return wire rather than fid a hidden corroded conection.
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    A little knowledge.... thanks, Dave
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