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Thread: Pinto engine original vehicle search

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  1. #1 Pinto engine original vehicle search 
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    Happy New Year to all.

    I am trying to discover the original vehicle type my 2.0L Pinto engine was installed in.

    There is a stamped code on the block "WD22484" which a letter from Ford confirms is a build of March 1979.

    However, searching the interweb suggests that there should be two letters and two digits before this indicating the country and factory of build and the vehicle the engine was built for. My engine doesn't have these.

    My block does have "/2 C79" cast on it (see photo). Can anyone confirm if these are the country and vehicle codes for my engine, or suggest what they are?

    A list I found on the web suggests that an initial letter C indicates UK origin and the figures 79 indicate a Cortina L

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