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Thread: Mcc trial 2019 fingle

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    Mcc trial 2019 fingle

    Enjoyed spectating again at Fingle. Have attached some Marlin photos. These are low res for the website.

    Unfortunately the uploader has mixed them up again so they don't run in the intended sequence!

    If anyone would like a hi res copy please send me a PM. If the website is down then send me an email. Details in Pitstop under SW Meets.

    Don't for get to tell me the image ID (Hover the mouse over the photo so see this) If that doesnt work tell me the entry number and/or reg no if visible. Peter.

    FINGLE 2019_088_1 RSZ.jpg

    FINGLE 2019_188_2 LRZ.jpg

    FINGLE 2019_088_2 RSZ.jpg

    FINGLE 2019_091_1 RSZ.jpg

    FINGLE 2019_095_2 RSZ.jpg

    FINGLE 2019_095_1 RSZ.jpg

    FINGLE 2019_187_0 RSZ.jpg

    FINGLE 2019_187_2 RSZ.jpg

    FINGLE 2019_188_1 RSZ.jpg

    FINGLE 2019_188_2 LRZ.jpg
    Attached Images Attached Images
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