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Thread: 3 point inertia reel seat belt conversion

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  1. #1 3 point inertia reel seat belt conversion 
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    The harnesses have been irritating me for a while now. I figured as I had the tub off to clean up some surface rust now would be a good time to tackle converting to a 3 point inertial reel seat belt. Will make looking behind you and reaching the key a lot easier! I can also seal up the inside of the tub full to try and reduce the exhaust that's creeping into the cabin. Don't look too closely at the quality of my welds, I'm far from good at that. They are fully penetrated and solid, just not very pretty.

    Challenger (not really, it needs more cylinder for that lol)

    ziptie test, safety 3rd! I could have just the ziptie but I think the MOT tester might frown on that

    Hole cut for threaded belt insert, this is a very solid piece of cold drawn steel.

    Test fit of new piece

    Use the lathe to clean up these spacers

    Reel mount

    Reel mount welded in

    Upper mount welded in and test with spacer

    Reel mounted

    Other side done too

    Works quite nicely, could do with a guide for the belt on the seat

    And finally plugged into place! It's way more comfortable like this and you don't need to spend 10mins fighting with the belts when a different size person gets in. You can move the seat around now too without needing to adjust anything.
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