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Thread: Trunnion trouble

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ye Ol Ripper View Post
    Hi Steve

    I would have thought that blowing through with the airline will bring all of the old grease out through the drilling , which would then have any contaminants stuck to it, blown out.
    Surely when applying the new grease any remaining old grease will be forced through and out of the exit hole thereafter.

    That has always been the case on all similar British classic cars & commercial vehicles that I have worked on in the past with grease gun serviceable joints.
    I agree stripping the trunnions is beneficial ,however my tip was purely providing an easy way to unblock a grease path way.

    Most of the wear on kingpins and trunnions occur because they haven't been greased on a regular basis.
    Agree totally with your last paragraph.

    The problem, I believe is, that air or grease will seek the easiest way out, possibly bypassing a clot of hardened contaminated grease.

    The more frequent you lubricate from a known ‘clean’ starting point the better. A thorough strip and clean every five years, has to be a god idea in my opinion.
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    You cannot lubricate a dead end. Some of the OEM top ball joints had a flat ground up the side of the ball to provide a path for the old grease to get out. Others do not and I found them very difficult to get grease into.
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    Are these the 'Lubricated for life' type that you have to change because you can't lubricate them properly?
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