Sunday was up and out, meet up at Perkins with some like minded Kit Car owners.
Convoy then to Stafford airfield, assembly for ride it.

Started out, we stayed at the back of the bikes, about a 100, and 6 kits, the NG with Bently nose badge did not move, and a Noble.
Very well organised with Bike marshals on islands keeping the group moving.

Turning onto the A5 and just past Weston Park the traffic came to a stop.
Now fans and the like, all the will in the world, a standing engine in warm weather and I started seeing fog, not sure if he was on fire to start with.
Into the nearest gateway with 6 vehicles and bonnet off. Another car being pushed as it refused to restart after sitting in the queue. That seemed to be an issue with fuel, just would not fire, when it cooled and started again.
Fortunately cooling fan not working on 'foggy' so some time and water and we were away again, but turned back to avoid the queues that were still present. Up through the lanes and villages back to the airfield, a cuppa, burger for some, and the sunshine.
Feel a bit like an Englands Glory today )