My engine rebuild is progressing (very slowly) but recently I have installed a new set of camshaft bearings (Glyco N145/3 STD).
A new FR30 Kent camshaft went in very easily and it has more play than expected. So I took them for a ride to an experienced friend (20+ pinto engines build/rebuild) and engine workshop for measurements.
The difference between bearing diameter and camshaft diameter on all bearings is about 0.130 mm and my friend said that even used camshafts rarely have that clearance.
I have asked Kent Cams and it looks like the camshaft is within specs (at least their specs) but the recommended clearance is 0.025 - 0.065 mm. So my clearance is twice or even 5 times bigger.
Does anybody knows the original pinto camshaft size?
Internet search for Glyco bearings dimensions only gives the suitable (recommended) camshaft diameter range but did not specify the bearing itself.
Do you know other proved brands for the bearings?