Set off Friday full weather gear on, the boss would be getting in the car later, and a good drive down to Northampton to first locate the hotel, told you I was a sissy. Have to say I had to turn off the heater, so cosy with the hood on.
Kim took her car, she does not really travel light ) and having booked in then made the trip to 'Pod'. Not a lot happening Friday but some anticipation in the air among the campers, some abuse as well from the 'hard core', but we had a comfy bed and hot shower )
Arrived Saturday and was put onto KitFest stand, told too many 7 types, want to show a few different cars.

I did resist the urge to put Biggles down the track for the 1/4 mile, however I think any future visit will be preceded by a thorough check, out with un-necessary weight and a try to beat the 13 seconds........... apparently that's the 1/4 million pound Lambo mark.
Enjoyable day, very blowy, and a few showers which broke the track use up.

Did not attend Sunday, first thing it was wet, rain forecast on and off so guessed the track would be on and off again. For the journey home it was off with the weather gear, on with the hat. About 180 miles all in, still got fuel in the tank so well pleased.