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Thread: Triumph Manual Washer Pump

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  1. #1 Triumph Manual Washer Pump 
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    May 2015
    Hello everyone,

    just a quick question please.

    I have the chance to buy a used original manual windscreen washer pump as fitted to the early Spitfires, GT6 and Vitesses.
    This is the one operated by pushing in the dash mounted plunger frantically, in the desperate hope that washer fluid may eventually appear on the windscreen. No electricity is involved.

    my problem is that I have now learned that it seems to not be working (pumping)

    Before I have to make a final decision wether to buy or not, has anyone any knowledge of these Pumps i.e can they be rebuilt or are the required parts even available ???
    Or, if anyone has a working one available to buy please let me know.

    Many thanks.

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    Nov 2011
    The one that I fitted to my first car many years ago was a sealed unit. Make sure you fit a non-return valve in the delivery pipe to the washer jets to stop the liquid draining back down into the bottle. Also check for any markings on the plastic? end of the body indicating supply IN and delivery OUT pipe spigots.
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