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Thread: Waterless coolant

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    Hi all not sure whether this has been a topic on the forum before. But I wondered if any one had any experience on the waterless coolant available from a company called "Evans" I have read the specs ect and just wanted to find out more about it before shelling out £150 for coolant and cleaner liquid. I run a Ford 2.9 v6 dated from 1987. Any comments gratefully received
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    The closest I got was

    But, if you have an overheating problem, surely it’s best to identify the cause, before researching, for a solution that may be an unnecessary expense. Poor ignition timing, dirty/contaminated water system, poor airflow, etc etc etc.

    It appears to me that it’s mostly an aero engine problem. Very different from a road car, and far more operation critical.

    Rather like F1 filling their tyres with nitrogen, becoming a racing norm, but to relate that to a road going car already using air at 78% nitrogen in natural air, it seems absurd to me.
    How do you purge a tyre of every drop of air N2+ O2 + tiny percentages of other gasses, because you can’t draw it down to a vacuum without pulling the tyre off the bead.
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